First Post

Hello I am the owner or boss of the pop labs, I am known as Zany, Zayn, Strange Heart, Zany Hawk, etc. I am here to tell you that this is a new book I have been working but trashed since I thought It won’t teach a lesson about how being depressed, used, bullied, ignored and abused feels like. I made many some titles were The Unknown Sender (some horror), Please Remember My Name (trashy title lol), Ignored, Almost Is Never Enough, Fading Away, and more. But this one was my favorite, It was called The Skyscraper.

One quote from that book was ” Everyone is a skyscraper, one floor represents the goals and what you excelled in but We all have that wrecking ball in our lives that demolish or destroy everything” The book was originally gonna be about some of me, some dreams, some things. You can say the book is like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and some of MY History. It had got some votes on an app called WattPad where you share novels, Fanfics, and more.  One thing is you won’t know what is real and what is fake so. This is a mystery.

The first title I was using for this was originally Never Forget Me, Then Please Remember My Name, Ignored, Then Almost is Never Enough and The Skyscraper. It was starting off with a 911 call telling the readers that there was a lockdown happening. Chance and his cousin Faith were trapped and they have to find a way to go through the drama in their lives and try to avoid the obstacles they are facing to finally have their dream job and other things.

So if you are just gonna ask stupid questions like “Why is he named Chance?” or “Why did that happened?” I will just tell you, “Just Shut up….” I spent like months writing and I hope the rest of the staff and you, the audience, like and cry, and laugh, or whatever…..

Anyways, See ya later!

– SH and ZH


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