New! Expectations Vs. Reality!

Hello, This is a new idea I thought of and the title says it all! The Theme for this Expectations Vs. Reality is the NEW POPTROPICA!!!!!! Man…. This might be hard…..  Wait…. Is it? Meh, I don’t care. LETS GET TO IT!

Expectation: New Pop will be in a new program and we won’t have our accounts so we need to one.

Reality: A creator, Skinny Moon, revealed to PHB (Poptropican Help) and PHC (Their chat on Discord) that it is safe to say that New Pop will kinda be the same to the one that we all or  use to love today. But some New things are like Shoes, Quests, New Islands.

Expectation: New pop will have new islands.

Reality: Although that it isn’t confirmed yet, some people want a sequel or a continuation of their favorite island and I think its a great idea. If any NEW island happens, I want it to have a Freaky Friday themed Island cause why not?

Expectation: There will be a new look on our poptropicans or avatars or players.

Reality: This might be real (confirming with a gif that shows different shoes), I only hope that there is no more noodle arms, a neck, and idk some fingers and toes? lol NAh probably weird looking.

This is all for now, next topic will be about school!



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