The truth on why I am leaving all POP servers on Discord (except mine) and the community.

Hello Pop Labs scientists, If you came from Discord you might of saw this on the PHC:

@everyone I know I keep saying I was gonna quit but didnt but FOR REAL I am planning to quit. I have been bullied and it is not stopping and suprisingly I was bullied by a staff and a mod here before…… I was too shy to say but some PHB Staff bullied me except Emily, Paul, and Slip and some mods except Rose, Criaha and PS and I am not revealing who but they are lying they didn’t Crafty turned nice and also Joshua when I revealed myself and I feel like some of them are making fun of me cause of my knowledge. Imma leave and hope that If I come back on my bday (December 8) or visit on my sis bday (October 17) I will be calm and happy. These Staff that bullied me was told to bully others too and I was bullied because of my grammar issues and how annoying I am. To be honest, I never had friends like @giant raptor @Perfect Sky @pega and some others like @RedRiderYT and my staff from Pop Labs blog and future author Natsu (can’t tag) but Remember, I NEVER MEANT to HURT anyone and I cried everyday trying my best to excel in life and For now when noone is fighting and other stuff and if my abuse or cyberbullies stop….. or If someone talk me out of this and say that The staff who used to bully me and mods who bullied me didn’t mean to hurt me that way….. I might stay….. I will not forget you guys. PM me your goodbyes…. And I am sorry but just PM me to chat I am gonna leave all the PHB servers I am at now and going to a Pokemon/Nintendo server

This is because of something personal.

Believe it or not it is my PHC 1 year anniversary, Where I joined Discord as silly usernames like AHCHINGCHINGCHONG or Username:666 or SlenderMan. Not much people i know now at the time but. I know It was when Joshua or Giant Hawk and Crafty were staff or mod. They had bullied me hearing a text to voice thing and they both laughed because i was a newbie at the time. Crafty or Joshua keep kicking me and they later learned about me and turned nice later on. But I was still new at the time, When I saw Tall Cactus’ MPIP (My Place In Poptropica) I remembered she and I were shipped by Cuddly or Wilbur and I asked Small Fire (an old Pop member He will be missed) about MPIPs and I emailed my MPIP to Fishy on their website’s email. And I got surprised when Fishy replied:

I remembered part I think she said :

Hello Zany Hawk, This is the owner Slanted Fish returning you email on your MPIP. I see that you added your life story and I advise you to keep it Poptropica related throughout and add a little more. And We don’t know you so I advise to change that too. Thanks!

or something like that…. Then I did, I asked Tall Cactus to look at it and she said it was good. But then, Fishy mentioned that my MPIP was “messed up” and corrected the timeline. And again she said:

Hello Zany Hawk, I have many concerns about the MPIP, We don’t know you or ever communicated with you. Could you fix that again?

Then later I found Google Docs and did a third one again. I was scared of Fishy and Andrew or HP asked to looked at it. I told him I wasn’t finished and to show the others this “MPIP”

The next day, Fishy looked as she was angry and to my experience with her, She rudely told me that it has LOTS OF GRAMMAR errors and part of my MPIP is made up or had the wrong year. Then Joshua’s twin or Paul introduced himself to me and said that it was indeed correct that it was wrong. So later I fixed it again on Google Docs and finally Fishy emailed:

Hey Zany Hawk,

Congrats on your MPIP! Keep A look out for it on the PHB ;)! We have found some more errors but you don’t have to correct it. We will do it for it.

I then told TC and the others and they were excited.

But when I saw it, They used an ugly version of me and they put “I think I might of interacted what seemed to be the PHB STAFF!” then I made a blog account (this) and spammed frowny faces. MArshmallow, TC, and some future and past users who made MPIPs said they liked it and I kept quiet. On discord, Fishy told me in a rude way explaining it and that was my first time saying I was quitting. The second time though….

There was a thing on the act which they called “drama” and found out a few members or staff are leaving and a hacker was on the loose or there are people threatening the staff. At this point, I admit i thought they were stupid. BUT, I just left. Later then I planned on doing a blog (this) and i asked for authors. Two of them were rude and I know they were like ten year olds and they were named Giant Raptor and Red Rider. I made them authors and then they bullied me calling me “The Dumb Boss” or stupid and Again i said I was quitting. They both apologized and i got more authors but then I got blocked and bullied more. Paul confirmed it was the use to be, twice removed staff Spencer and noone cares…. They said they all hated him. Then now my last one I spoiled it all.

This is my story and the truth and I advise to whoever thinks this is rude. To Leave, and I never meant to hurt their feelings If they did remember saying or doing these cruel things.

I have had a secret i kept for so long until 8th grade and was told to ask you guys to keep this personal.I never said Fishy was a bully and I never did anything rude to you guys.

This is time to say goodbye.

NOte: on discord there is a random server called #FreeStrangeHeart. Your thoughts and idk are appreciated (I don’t know why I said that lol) anyways BYE!!!!!!!!!!!



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