Apology Accepted Fishy :)

Hello Pop Lab fans! Last night Fishy and I had a meeting:


Hey, Zany Hawk, it’s come to my attention that you felt “bullied” by me during the process of creating your MPIP. There appears to be some misunderstanding – I am in no way ever wanting to bully anyone, and certainly did not in my exchanges with you. Making changes in order to improve your MPIP is not bullying, it’s constructive criticism, and everyone needs that in some way in their lives if they want to improve from where they are.
When I commented on your grammatical errors and incorrect story chronology, it was not an attack on you as a person. If it was, don’t you think I could have just said ‘This is unacceptable’ and not continue to work with you on it? Instead, I took the time and energy to help you make sense of the story so it could be something people could read and enjoy – and if you’ll notice the comments section on your MPIP, people did enjoy it once those changes were made.
My point is, I don’t want you to feel “bullied” over a situation that is not bullying. As for other situations, I am not involved, and cannot comment, but please know that there are plenty of nice Poptropicans on the PHC who may be saddened should you choose to leave. It’s your choice, of course, but please do not cite me as a reason. Also, I am not angry – just concerned.
As you can see, Fishy Shticks didn’t mean to hurt me. She knows that I had felt threatened by her but she also treated me as a friend and a big sister (She is in college right?)
So I replied…..
Hey Fishy, thanks for your concern  and Sorry if I disappoint you I think you saw my messages in discord and that I am planning on a break If you read my blog post some where true that I felt that you think I was annoying in a way but I just realized that you were trying to help me in a way. You could pin and tell everyone the misunderstanding and sorry I blocked and muted you. But this isn’t why,  I think I gave enough info for those crying and messaging me to stay and some are also left out and would like to keep it that way. I used to have wishes to people an author for your blog and other personal stuff but That was when I had problems…. Right now I still plan to blog on Strange Heart’s Poptropican Laboratory and hope for the best We all know some leave cause of school or think they need a break but yeah it’s just a mental breakdown over the drama I’m experiencing. I am later posting your reply and other things on my blog later on telling everyone about this! I’m sorry this has errors but Pin on Discord about this and say that If I get enough messages on my new blog post stating their good memories with me and why I should stay. I might think again and stay with you guys! But for now I already left like 6 or 5 servers …. I don’t know I’m not in the mood. Again sorry if I disappoint the staff for calling you rude and all of you stupid in my recent blog. Just upset and angry! I always do this when I see someone (no matter what fandom or game they play) bullies and/or seems like they are threatening me. May I ask how you found out about this just to be sure?

I was having a mental breakdown over it and some of you guys talk me out of it. I thought some of you unfriended and forgot about me but Fishy then said:
Hey Zany,

Thanks for understanding. I would appreciate if you could clarify on your blog that I was not trying to hurt you. I’m sorry to hear about all the other problems, and I hope it gets better. Have fun continuing to blog, and good luck with everything else. I don’t think it’ll be necessary to pin a message on the PHC, but you’re welcome to stay. To answer your question, I did find out on the PHC since you had tagged me.
and I replied….
Hey Fishy, I will but now on email be on my blog email strangeheartspoplab@gmail.com I will share this convo and tell them the decision Thanks for your help and correction!
So what do you think? Am I really leaving this time?
Well, I am really busy and Discord sometimes log me out lol but anyways. If you want to chat just PM me on Discord or email me on that I mentioned to Fishy. Anyways….
Bye…………. I think…………
– SH and ZH

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