What People Think I Do VS What I Really DO


Hey guys, I am back! It feels like *counts fingers* 900 days since the last post (No haven’t posted since everyone started school or last summer). I was celebrating my bday two days ago and yesterday! My bday is on December 8. HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO ME!  WELL! ANYWAYS, LETS GET TO IT SHALL WE?

In today’s post, we will uuuuuuh talk about uuuuuuuuuhmmmmmmmmmm MYSELF! It is things people think i do or who they think i am vs what I really do or who I really am! This will be so so so so so so so so much fun! Am I right? NO? OK who cares!

Number One: Techie

What people think I do: People think I am good at technology and get stuff that is techie too. Like video games, drones, robots, computer games, etc. BUT! that’s not ALWAYS true!

What I really do is If I see tech that i like and if i have enough I will get it. BUT I also collect things. I collect Marvel, FNAF, Gravity Falls, Horror related, and other stuff. People think they are toys (which they are) but I call them art LOL!!!!!!!!

Number Two: Antisocial

Why do you not talk? I do but some know I am deaf on the right. Like COMPLETELY Deaf on it. People tend to shout at me but they need to chill. One time when my friends ask for subtitles on an educational learning experience (its what my teachers call movies when some arent really for learning lol), the subs dont care. WHICH IS TOTALLEH RUDE! Like Whats ya problem? I only talk if i feel good and if you are nice. DOnt TELL ME THAT!

ok so next one…. Number Three: Art

People think I “trace” other art. That is true but sometimes a sketch. I sketch clothing, I sketch cartoon characters I sketch Disney. BUT I really wanna draw anime or manga whatever you call them. It looks so cute.

Number Four:   Intelligent

People think I am smart which I am, but do people really have to come to close to me and ask for my help when they don’t even pay attention? I am not doing homework for you! Like Find out how to do it yourself. It is your fault for ignoring the teacher!

Ok that’s all for now! (Not Really I am bored) See you later!



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