If I work for Poptropica….

Hey guys, It’s Strange Heart. Apologies for not being active for like 1 century LOL. Anyways, I am thinking of getting a job after I graduate on the year 2018 or after college and I want to work for  Fox, Apple, Disney, Universal Studios, or POPTROPICA!  Even if i might be the youngest there! It may be hard to work for them but, if I can’t i will work as a biotech engineer or idk.

If I work, I will try to meet up with you guys like Jessica or Skinny Moon and try to come with new worlds or islands that can be educational or challenging. I might ask the fam or team to make a Sherlock Holmes Island, King Tut Island, or what you guys want. I would put puzzles and clues throughout and i would help Captain Crawfish make walkthroughs or more.

I would give hints to the pop community on what the islands might be IF we are having one.

Even if i’m young, it is my dream to make something and help kids learn. Although they might not accept, I am sure it could make them happy. And I will help the team when needed. I know Pop VERY WELL and would be interested to work there showing my creativity.  Whether they like the idea or think its too much I am okay with that.

I could help Jessica with the social media. Help those who are new to the game or help those who has question. ANYTHING!

So If I ever get hired from them in the future. I hope all goes well and yeah…..


Strange Heart (SH) hopes you guys have a great day!




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