What If I WAS a Poptropica Creator or Staff?

If you followed my on my Twitter, @secretp57, You might notice that I was asking, wishing, and planning to work with Captain Crawfish and/or Skinny Moon (known as Jessica).  They answered replying with “Go to university then who knows…. You’ll never know what we will be hiring in a few years!!!” Maybe I wasn’t THAT clear on the possibilities of what  I might DO with the fam (i heard kids these days say it). Well, I know that some fans also want to be a worker there too! I don’t call myself a player, but I am indeed part of the community and had been since like I was at 2nd and 3rd grade. I notice all the updates, islands, challenges, and wondered “What do kids like me want in a game like this?” I now remembered what I thinking.

So we all heard from Skinny Moon about the new updates AND Poptropica WORLDS! Pretty amazing right? These are what i might do if they hired me in like 2026 or 2022 since I plan to go to college and later transfer to a university.

Islands: People who had played at my time knew right now there’s like 14 or 15 islands now (maybe i miscounted) and they now have a tutorial island known as Monkey Wrench. Some people like those challenging islands and stuff but what if we continue making some and put some trivia like Mythology Island, Puzzles like the skull one from the Haunted House, and my thoughts like maybe a maze or something that tricks players with a riddle and they type. Maybe we can earn 500 credits or 350 like the island of the month later on and maybe something new like costumes matching the island or let both nonmembers and member do bonus quest and we can rate what we think of the islands and stuff. Maybe for the islands we could give players achievements or missions IN the Island like on the top we will see what we need to do next or side quests that doesn’t connect to the story AT ALL!

Poptropicans and customization: We now know that our new poptropicans have hand and feet now. But what if  those who are in special needs or disabled have something to know we are with them? Like we can let them have a wheelchair, prosthetics (robotic limbs), hearing aids, etc.

Homes: We have picked something from the polls and it was hinted to be our house! Although its unknown if we have only that one home, What if we had a  shop with houses and furniture? Different rooms in it maybe?

Pets: Unlike the pet followers we had seen, What if we can adopt some?  Maybe monsters, poogles, critters? and we can feed and wash and walk them everywhere?

Contests: Pop Art contests and Pop Costume creations are great contests. We know PopArt contest gives some people membership BUT what if in the Pop Costume contest. Staff picks like 20 and then 10 and then all players choose there top 5? Winners get maybe membership, there clothes in store, someone NPC wearing the costume or maybe even receive their winning costume when logged on?  Maybe later on a Awards thing Similar to the Oscars where there are different categories for players and in social media. Pop Staff ask players to nominate their favorite players or something?


If you like these ideas, feel free to comment and like! If you haven’t yet, Follow the blog so you know when the next post arrives!!!




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