What If I WAS a Poptropica Creator or Staff?

If you followed my on my Twitter, @secretp57, You might notice that I was asking, wishing, and planning to work with Captain Crawfish and/or Skinny Moon (known as Jessica).  They answered replying with “Go to university then who knows…. You’ll never know what we will be hiring in a few years!!!” Maybe I wasn’t THAT clear on the possibilities of what  I might DO with the fam (i heard kids these days say it). Well, I know that some fans also want to be a worker there too! I don’t call myself a player, but I am indeed part of the community and had been since like I was at 2nd and 3rd grade. I notice all the updates, islands, challenges, and wondered “What do kids like me want in a game like this?” I now remembered what I thinking.

So we all heard from Skinny Moon about the new updates AND Poptropica WORLDS! Pretty amazing right? These are what i might do if they hired me in like 2026 or 2022 since I plan to go to college and later transfer to a university.

Islands: People who had played at my time knew right now there’s like 14 or 15 islands now (maybe i miscounted) and they now have a tutorial island known as Monkey Wrench. Some people like those challenging islands and stuff but what if we continue making some and put some trivia like Mythology Island, Puzzles like the skull one from the Haunted House, and my thoughts like maybe a maze or something that tricks players with a riddle and they type. Maybe we can earn 500 credits or 350 like the island of the month later on and maybe something new like costumes matching the island or let both nonmembers and member do bonus quest and we can rate what we think of the islands and stuff. Maybe for the islands we could give players achievements or missions IN the Island like on the top we will see what we need to do next or side quests that doesn’t connect to the story AT ALL!

Poptropicans and customization: We now know that our new poptropicans have hand and feet now. But what if  those who are in special needs or disabled have something to know we are with them? Like we can let them have a wheelchair, prosthetics (robotic limbs), hearing aids, etc.

Homes: We have picked something from the polls and it was hinted to be our house! Although its unknown if we have only that one home, What if we had a  shop with houses and furniture? Different rooms in it maybe?

Pets: Unlike the pet followers we had seen, What if we can adopt some?  Maybe monsters, poogles, critters? and we can feed and wash and walk them everywhere?

Contests: Pop Art contests and Pop Costume creations are great contests. We know PopArt contest gives some people membership BUT what if in the Pop Costume contest. Staff picks like 20 and then 10 and then all players choose there top 5? Winners get maybe membership, there clothes in store, someone NPC wearing the costume or maybe even receive their winning costume when logged on?  Maybe later on a Awards thing Similar to the Oscars where there are different categories for players and in social media. Pop Staff ask players to nominate their favorite players or something?


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If I work for Poptropica….

Hey guys, It’s Strange Heart. Apologies for not being active for like 1 century LOL. Anyways, I am thinking of getting a job after I graduate on the year 2018 or after college and I want to work for  Fox, Apple, Disney, Universal Studios, or POPTROPICA!  Even if i might be the youngest there! It may be hard to work for them but, if I can’t i will work as a biotech engineer or idk.

If I work, I will try to meet up with you guys like Jessica or Skinny Moon and try to come with new worlds or islands that can be educational or challenging. I might ask the fam or team to make a Sherlock Holmes Island, King Tut Island, or what you guys want. I would put puzzles and clues throughout and i would help Captain Crawfish make walkthroughs or more.

I would give hints to the pop community on what the islands might be IF we are having one.

Even if i’m young, it is my dream to make something and help kids learn. Although they might not accept, I am sure it could make them happy. And I will help the team when needed. I know Pop VERY WELL and would be interested to work there showing my creativity.  Whether they like the idea or think its too much I am okay with that.

I could help Jessica with the social media. Help those who are new to the game or help those who has question. ANYTHING!

So If I ever get hired from them in the future. I hope all goes well and yeah…..


Strange Heart (SH) hopes you guys have a great day!



What People Think I Do VS What I Really DO


Hey guys, I am back! It feels like *counts fingers* 900 days since the last post (No haven’t posted since everyone started school or last summer). I was celebrating my bday two days ago and yesterday! My bday is on December 8. HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO ME!  WELL! ANYWAYS, LETS GET TO IT SHALL WE?

In today’s post, we will uuuuuuh talk about uuuuuuuuuhmmmmmmmmmm MYSELF! It is things people think i do or who they think i am vs what I really do or who I really am! This will be so so so so so so so so much fun! Am I right? NO? OK who cares!

Number One: Techie

What people think I do: People think I am good at technology and get stuff that is techie too. Like video games, drones, robots, computer games, etc. BUT! that’s not ALWAYS true!

What I really do is If I see tech that i like and if i have enough I will get it. BUT I also collect things. I collect Marvel, FNAF, Gravity Falls, Horror related, and other stuff. People think they are toys (which they are) but I call them art LOL!!!!!!!!

Number Two: Antisocial

Why do you not talk? I do but some know I am deaf on the right. Like COMPLETELY Deaf on it. People tend to shout at me but they need to chill. One time when my friends ask for subtitles on an educational learning experience (its what my teachers call movies when some arent really for learning lol), the subs dont care. WHICH IS TOTALLEH RUDE! Like Whats ya problem? I only talk if i feel good and if you are nice. DOnt TELL ME THAT!

ok so next one…. Number Three: Art

People think I “trace” other art. That is true but sometimes a sketch. I sketch clothing, I sketch cartoon characters I sketch Disney. BUT I really wanna draw anime or manga whatever you call them. It looks so cute.

Number Four:   Intelligent

People think I am smart which I am, but do people really have to come to close to me and ask for my help when they don’t even pay attention? I am not doing homework for you! Like Find out how to do it yourself. It is your fault for ignoring the teacher!

Ok that’s all for now! (Not Really I am bored) See you later!


Apology Accepted Fishy :)

Hello Pop Lab fans! Last night Fishy and I had a meeting:


Hey, Zany Hawk, it’s come to my attention that you felt “bullied” by me during the process of creating your MPIP. There appears to be some misunderstanding – I am in no way ever wanting to bully anyone, and certainly did not in my exchanges with you. Making changes in order to improve your MPIP is not bullying, it’s constructive criticism, and everyone needs that in some way in their lives if they want to improve from where they are.
When I commented on your grammatical errors and incorrect story chronology, it was not an attack on you as a person. If it was, don’t you think I could have just said ‘This is unacceptable’ and not continue to work with you on it? Instead, I took the time and energy to help you make sense of the story so it could be something people could read and enjoy – and if you’ll notice the comments section on your MPIP, people did enjoy it once those changes were made.
My point is, I don’t want you to feel “bullied” over a situation that is not bullying. As for other situations, I am not involved, and cannot comment, but please know that there are plenty of nice Poptropicans on the PHC who may be saddened should you choose to leave. It’s your choice, of course, but please do not cite me as a reason. Also, I am not angry – just concerned.
As you can see, Fishy Shticks didn’t mean to hurt me. She knows that I had felt threatened by her but she also treated me as a friend and a big sister (She is in college right?)
So I replied…..
Hey Fishy, thanks for your concern  and Sorry if I disappoint you I think you saw my messages in discord and that I am planning on a break If you read my blog post some where true that I felt that you think I was annoying in a way but I just realized that you were trying to help me in a way. You could pin and tell everyone the misunderstanding and sorry I blocked and muted you. But this isn’t why,  I think I gave enough info for those crying and messaging me to stay and some are also left out and would like to keep it that way. I used to have wishes to people an author for your blog and other personal stuff but That was when I had problems…. Right now I still plan to blog on Strange Heart’s Poptropican Laboratory and hope for the best We all know some leave cause of school or think they need a break but yeah it’s just a mental breakdown over the drama I’m experiencing. I am later posting your reply and other things on my blog later on telling everyone about this! I’m sorry this has errors but Pin on Discord about this and say that If I get enough messages on my new blog post stating their good memories with me and why I should stay. I might think again and stay with you guys! But for now I already left like 6 or 5 servers …. I don’t know I’m not in the mood. Again sorry if I disappoint the staff for calling you rude and all of you stupid in my recent blog. Just upset and angry! I always do this when I see someone (no matter what fandom or game they play) bullies and/or seems like they are threatening me. May I ask how you found out about this just to be sure?

I was having a mental breakdown over it and some of you guys talk me out of it. I thought some of you unfriended and forgot about me but Fishy then said:
Hey Zany,

Thanks for understanding. I would appreciate if you could clarify on your blog that I was not trying to hurt you. I’m sorry to hear about all the other problems, and I hope it gets better. Have fun continuing to blog, and good luck with everything else. I don’t think it’ll be necessary to pin a message on the PHC, but you’re welcome to stay. To answer your question, I did find out on the PHC since you had tagged me.
and I replied….
Hey Fishy, I will but now on email be on my blog email strangeheartspoplab@gmail.com I will share this convo and tell them the decision Thanks for your help and correction!
So what do you think? Am I really leaving this time?
Well, I am really busy and Discord sometimes log me out lol but anyways. If you want to chat just PM me on Discord or email me on that I mentioned to Fishy. Anyways….
Bye…………. I think…………
– SH and ZH

The truth on why I am leaving all POP servers on Discord (except mine) and the community.

Hello Pop Labs scientists, If you came from Discord you might of saw this on the PHC:

@everyone I know I keep saying I was gonna quit but didnt but FOR REAL I am planning to quit. I have been bullied and it is not stopping and suprisingly I was bullied by a staff and a mod here before…… I was too shy to say but some PHB Staff bullied me except Emily, Paul, and Slip and some mods except Rose, Criaha and PS and I am not revealing who but they are lying they didn’t Crafty turned nice and also Joshua when I revealed myself and I feel like some of them are making fun of me cause of my knowledge. Imma leave and hope that If I come back on my bday (December 8) or visit on my sis bday (October 17) I will be calm and happy. These Staff that bullied me was told to bully others too and I was bullied because of my grammar issues and how annoying I am. To be honest, I never had friends like @giant raptor @Perfect Sky @pega and some others like @RedRiderYT and my staff from Pop Labs blog and future author Natsu (can’t tag) but Remember, I NEVER MEANT to HURT anyone and I cried everyday trying my best to excel in life and For now when noone is fighting and other stuff and if my abuse or cyberbullies stop….. or If someone talk me out of this and say that The staff who used to bully me and mods who bullied me didn’t mean to hurt me that way….. I might stay….. I will not forget you guys. PM me your goodbyes…. And I am sorry but just PM me to chat I am gonna leave all the PHB servers I am at now and going to a Pokemon/Nintendo server

This is because of something personal.

Believe it or not it is my PHC 1 year anniversary, Where I joined Discord as silly usernames like AHCHINGCHINGCHONG or Username:666 or SlenderMan. Not much people i know now at the time but. I know It was when Joshua or Giant Hawk and Crafty were staff or mod. They had bullied me hearing a text to voice thing and they both laughed because i was a newbie at the time. Crafty or Joshua keep kicking me and they later learned about me and turned nice later on. But I was still new at the time, When I saw Tall Cactus’ MPIP (My Place In Poptropica) I remembered she and I were shipped by Cuddly or Wilbur and I asked Small Fire (an old Pop member He will be missed) about MPIPs and I emailed my MPIP to Fishy on their website’s email. And I got surprised when Fishy replied:

I remembered part I think she said :

Hello Zany Hawk, This is the owner Slanted Fish returning you email on your MPIP. I see that you added your life story and I advise you to keep it Poptropica related throughout and add a little more. And We don’t know you so I advise to change that too. Thanks!

or something like that…. Then I did, I asked Tall Cactus to look at it and she said it was good. But then, Fishy mentioned that my MPIP was “messed up” and corrected the timeline. And again she said:

Hello Zany Hawk, I have many concerns about the MPIP, We don’t know you or ever communicated with you. Could you fix that again?

Then later I found Google Docs and did a third one again. I was scared of Fishy and Andrew or HP asked to looked at it. I told him I wasn’t finished and to show the others this “MPIP”

The next day, Fishy looked as she was angry and to my experience with her, She rudely told me that it has LOTS OF GRAMMAR errors and part of my MPIP is made up or had the wrong year. Then Joshua’s twin or Paul introduced himself to me and said that it was indeed correct that it was wrong. So later I fixed it again on Google Docs and finally Fishy emailed:

Hey Zany Hawk,

Congrats on your MPIP! Keep A look out for it on the PHB ;)! We have found some more errors but you don’t have to correct it. We will do it for it.

I then told TC and the others and they were excited.

But when I saw it, They used an ugly version of me and they put “I think I might of interacted what seemed to be the PHB STAFF!” then I made a blog account (this) and spammed frowny faces. MArshmallow, TC, and some future and past users who made MPIPs said they liked it and I kept quiet. On discord, Fishy told me in a rude way explaining it and that was my first time saying I was quitting. The second time though….

There was a thing on the act which they called “drama” and found out a few members or staff are leaving and a hacker was on the loose or there are people threatening the staff. At this point, I admit i thought they were stupid. BUT, I just left. Later then I planned on doing a blog (this) and i asked for authors. Two of them were rude and I know they were like ten year olds and they were named Giant Raptor and Red Rider. I made them authors and then they bullied me calling me “The Dumb Boss” or stupid and Again i said I was quitting. They both apologized and i got more authors but then I got blocked and bullied more. Paul confirmed it was the use to be, twice removed staff Spencer and noone cares…. They said they all hated him. Then now my last one I spoiled it all.

This is my story and the truth and I advise to whoever thinks this is rude. To Leave, and I never meant to hurt their feelings If they did remember saying or doing these cruel things.

I have had a secret i kept for so long until 8th grade and was told to ask you guys to keep this personal.I never said Fishy was a bully and I never did anything rude to you guys.

This is time to say goodbye.

NOte: on discord there is a random server called #FreeStrangeHeart. Your thoughts and idk are appreciated (I don’t know why I said that lol) anyways BYE!!!!!!!!!!!


New! Expectations Vs. Reality!

Hello, This is a new idea I thought of and the title says it all! The Theme for this Expectations Vs. Reality is the NEW POPTROPICA!!!!!! Man…. This might be hard…..  Wait…. Is it? Meh, I don’t care. LETS GET TO IT!

Expectation: New Pop will be in a new program and we won’t have our accounts so we need to one.

Reality: A creator, Skinny Moon, revealed to PHB (Poptropican Help) and PHC (Their chat on Discord) that it is safe to say that New Pop will kinda be the same to the one that we all or  use to love today. But some New things are like Shoes, Quests, New Islands.

Expectation: New pop will have new islands.

Reality: Although that it isn’t confirmed yet, some people want a sequel or a continuation of their favorite island and I think its a great idea. If any NEW island happens, I want it to have a Freaky Friday themed Island cause why not?

Expectation: There will be a new look on our poptropicans or avatars or players.

Reality: This might be real (confirming with a gif that shows different shoes), I only hope that there is no more noodle arms, a neck, and idk some fingers and toes? lol NAh probably weird looking.

This is all for now, next topic will be about school!


About The Boss of Pop Labs


Name: Zany Hawk or Strange Heart, Zany, Zayn,

Age: 16 1/2 (turning 17 on December 8)

Games I Play: Poptropica (i know im too old for it), Pokemon( have Omega Ruby and getting Moon soon!), Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Playing, idk.

Working on: News, Reviews, Homework Help, and more!

Favorite Animal: Pangolin

Favorite Food: Anything Panda Express or catches my attention lol